Cristiano Marcello Talks Bout With Oriol Gaset Tonight

By Raj Giri

Cristiano Marcello (11-3) will be facing Oriol Gaset (10-5) tonight in Brusque, Brazil as part of the Nitrix promotion.

Marcello has trained some of the biggest names in Brazilian MMA at the Chute Boxe Academy, and recently ventured out on his own to start his own martial arts academy, CM System. He also takes at-risk children off the streets and gets them into MMA, which has resulted in Marcello being painted as the savior of many young adults in Curitiba, Brazil.

Marcello is also well known for his backstage altercation at PRIDE Shockwave 2005 with Charles Bennett. Bennett had insulted the Chute Boxe Academy and Wanderlei Silva, resulting in Marcello putting Bennett to sleep with a triangle choke (you can check out video of that altercation at this link). recently spoke to Marcello about tonight’s fight, you can check out our interview below:

You left Chute Box recently to start CM System. How difficult has it been to run a gym and have a fighting career?
It’s been hard because I like to train and fight myself, so I have to find balance. The worst moment for me was finding the place to start the academy. I train, but I also focus to fight. I love to fight and want to. My body gives me the opportunity to fight because I stay healthy.


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