Georges St. Pierre bigger than Gretzky

By Chris Doucette, Toronto Sun

Fathers across Canada may some day be teaching their sons arm bars and guillotine chokes instead of wrist shots and hip checks.

Go ahead and laugh, but it’s not nearly as silly as it sounds.

A couple months ago, UFC president Dana White caused a stir in Canada when he said: “Georges St. Pierre is the most famous Canadian athlete in the world.” Everyone, myself included, immediately thought of Wayne Gretzky.

But then White qualified his statement by asking: When was the last time Gretzky had trouble walking around in the Philippines?

White said GSP was recently in the southeast Asian country and “he couldn’t leave his hotel.”

The UFC aims to be in a billion homes around the world later this year. That’s a far cry from the number of homes The Great One could be seen in before he retired from hockey.

White vows to take the UFC “to the next level.”

“Everything is growing, everything is getting bigger,” he said. “We’re going to be putting on more fights in more places.”

But White said the UFC will need more mixed martial arts fighters as it grows. The company plans to use its reality show, The Ultimate Fighter, to cultivate new talent.


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