Interview with Former TUF 8 Contestant Vinny Magalhães

By Edward Kim

The eighth season of The Ultimate Fighter introduced several fresh faces to the UFC and MMA. Fighters like George Roop, Tom Lawlor, Eliot Marshall, Krzysztof Soszynski, Efrain Escudero, Phillipe Nover, light heavyweight winner Ryan Bader and runner-up Vinny Magalhães. A first degree black belt in BJJ, Magalhães lost his second UFC bout against fellow TUF 8 contestant Eliot Marshall and was subsequently released from the promotion.

Since leaving the UFC Magalhães has gone 4-1 while bouncing around with multiple promotions and has an upcoming fight in March. Magalhães took some time away from training to talk with us about his MMA career and what the future holds.

Edward Kim: It’s been a little over 2 years since we saw you as a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter Season 8. What have you been up to inside and outside of the MMA world?

Vinny: Well, I’ve been doing the same stuff that I was doing at that time, I’m not doing much, other than teaching and training. My first son was born in the last November, so I also have this new thing going for me called parenting, which I’m really enjoying it, this is definitely something that doubled my motivation to keep fighting, and better yet, to keep on winning fights. As for my MMA career, I had 2 fights in 2009 after got dropped by the UFC, winning both in the first round. In February of 2010, I had my first serious injury in 12 years, since I started training. I had a complete tear of my ACL and a tear on my Medial Meniscus while training for my fight for Shark fights in March of 2010.

I still took the fight, because I didn’t have health insurance, so I took the fight hoping for the event to have an insurance to pay for it, and that type of injury that I had really required surgery. I ended up losing that fight by decision. I finally had my surgery done right after the fight, and had to take 6 months off training. In December of 2010 (7 months after my knee surgery), I had my first fight post surgery, and a month later I had another one, I won both by 2nd round submissions. I’m now signed with M-1 global, in an exclusive 6-fight deal contract. My next fight for them will be in Virginia, on March 25th (live on Showtime).


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