Minotauro: “(GSP) won’t keep Anderson on the ground”

By Eduardo Ferreira

Former Pride and UFC heavyweight champion, Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira spoke with TATAME and celebrated his friend Anderson Silva’s victory over Vitor Belfort, the possibility of Anderson fighting Georges St. Pierre, and also commented Maurício Shogun’s title fight against Jon Jones, at UFC 128:

What did you think of Anderson’s fight?
It was huge, it was a great fight. Once again Brazil got another title fight on the same weight class with Brazilians. There was Thales, than Demian Maia, Vitor Belfort… Everybody’s trying to stop the “Spider”, right? The Brazilian got the call to stop the Spider and none could do it. Anderson has proven why he’s the best of the world. They matched up a fight between two of the best strikers in Brazil, and you could see what happened. Everybody knew this fight would end with a knockout, and Anderson Silva showed an unorthodox kick, something Vitor wasn’t expecting, so he really surprised Vitor Belfort, who was the best challenger Anderson confronted lately. Everybody was expecting it to be tied until the end, but Anderson showed why he’s the best.

Will he fight Georges St. Pierre? How do you think it’ll be like? GSP has a complete game too…
Yes, indeed. A guy is a good wrestler. He might stop Anderson Silva with his Wrestling skills, but he won’t keep Anderson on the ground. Our champion is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, he’s really good, he’s improving… Vitor Belfort, who’s a Carlson Gracie’s black belt, couldn’t keep him on the ground, and it’s not Georges St. Pierre the one who’ll keep him down. Anderson’s reach is bigger, Anderson’s stronger. I’d like this fight to be in Brazil. It’ll be awesome.


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