Paul Daley to Nick Diaz, “Standing Toe-To-Toe With Me, Stupidest Game Plan Ever”

By Damon Martin

While some call his upcoming fight against DEEP champion Yuya Shirai a risky proposition, knowing if he loses he won’t get the chance to even fight Diaz, Daley looks at it as a chance to leave his home in England with one belt before going to American to claim another.

“Not really,” Daley told MMAWeekly Radio when asked if there’s more pressure on him to win now in England. “If anything, it’s more of a motivation. It’s two belts for me in one fight. If I beat Shirai and then I beat Diaz. I see no problem with either of the opponents, so for me it’s two belts. Beating Shirai means Diaz is already dead. His expiry date is up as soon as Shirai is out of the way.”

Daley watched Diaz’s last title defense with great interest because he knew he’d more than likely face the winner. Now that Strikeforce has decreed him the new top dog in the welterweight contender’s race, he’s happy to critique his potential next opponent.

“Diaz does that and I think his boxing’s underrated,” Daley said about the Strikeforce welterweight champion’s willingness to stand with opponents. “I think his boxing is phenomenal. He’s a great striker and he’s a guy that comes to fight. It was a great display of that in that fight. He was fighting with Cyborg standing up, Cyborg took him down, and he carried on fighting and submitted him. As a fighter, Nick Diaz is phenomenal.”


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