The Crow Soars Again, David Loiseau Wins Title

By Ken Pishna

Tachi Palace Fights held its eighth edition on Friday night at the Tachi Palace in Lemoore, Calif. Titles changed hands and upsets were had.

UFC veteran David “The Crow” Loiseau stepped into the cage in the main event to challenge Tachi middleweight champion Leopoldo Serao. It wasn’t the most exciting fight of the night, but in the end, Loiseau, coming off of a failed attempt in the UFC, took the champion to task.

Serao played his game throughout the fight, pulling guard whenever possible, while Loiseau was headhunting from the opening bell. Serao came close early with a couple of strong gogoplata attempts, but as the fight wore on, he was less successful in his submission attacks.

Known for his explosive striking, Loiseau surprisingly kept a slow pace through the fight, looking to land that one big punch or kick to end it. But when the fight got into the later rounds, he ramped up the urgency when Serao pulled guard. He increased the intensity of his ground and pound attacks, opening several cuts on the Brazilian’s head.

Once the fight hit the mat in round five, Loiseau sensed that Serao was in trouble and unleashed his patented elbow attack. The pace slowed slightly a little over a minute into the round, the ringside doctor wiped the blood from a crimson drenched Serao, and referee John McCarthy called a halt to fight based on the doctor’s recommendation.

His first time in the Tachi cage, Loiseau captured middleweight gold.


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