André Galvão confirms competition Jiu-Jitsu return

By Carlos Eduardo Ozório

André Galvão has confirmed what the folks at Atos have been saying in interviews with for some time. The black belt two-time IBJJF world champion and Strikeforce fighter has returned his focus to competition Jiu-Jitsu. This season, Galvão should put in an appearance at the Pan and Worlds events.

“I’ve got my academy with my students here in San Diego, and to give the guys some extra motivation I figured I’d return to competing in the gi. I want to do MMA halfway through the season. In the meantime, I’ll do Jiu-Jitsu, which is something I like a lot. My main goals are the Pan and the Worlds. I’ll try to win those championships, and God willing, it will all turn out alright. I’ll train hard,” he confirms.

“I’m happy because it’s something I really like doing, besides being extra incentive for the guys on my team. I was missing it. I’m prepared, ready to go at it,” he adds.

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