Cool, Calm and Collected, Kyle Noke Fighting With Renewed Enthusiasm

By Erik Fontanez

If you listen to Kyle Noke speak about his life and what role MMA plays in it, you get the feeling that he is one of the most laid back fighters in the sport. He takes everything in stride, not letting the bright lights of the UFC consume him.

At UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch, Noke will be fighting in front of his fellow countryman as the UFC will make its second trip down under. His opponent, Chris Camozzi, will be waiting for him, prepped and ready to spoil his homecoming. But do you think that matters to a guy like Kyle Noke? Do you think the thought of Camozzi beating him in front of other Australians is something that circles his consciousness, weighing him down and taking focus away from the actual fight night.

Have a conversation with the man and you won’t think any of those things for a minute.

The thing about Noke is that he has been in the fight game for quite some time – nine years, to be exact. He has done the pre-fight preparation several times over for many organizations across the world. Simply put, he knows how to handle the pressure of fighting and is able to balance the emotion that stems from performing at a high level.


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