Exclusive Ricco Rodriguez Interview For BAMMA 5

By Admin

I caught up with legendary MMA fighter Ricco Rodriguez the other day. He had a lot to say on a variety of subjects, including his quality time training at Wolfslair, Michael Bisping and his upcoming fight with James McSweeney.

Thanks for doing the interview Ricco. It’s a pleasure to be talking to you. Firstly, I’ve got to ask, where did you get your nickname from?
Ricco: It was just something that people in my family call me and it’s from a rapper called Gerardo (Rico Suave). It was something that described me perfectly, because if you know me well or you know anything about me, I’m just really smooth.

I’m really elegant with the way I handle my business and my relationships, and it’s something that’s just kind of stuck. I can’t say that it’s something that I chose personally for myself, but it’s how people refer to me.

How long have you been training in the UK?
Ricco: I got here in mid-January. I’m friends with the guys at Wolfslair, so working with guys like Michael Bisping, Cheick Kongo and Rampage was easy. I’ve known Rampage since the Team Punishment days and he gave me the invitation.

I came out here two years ago and I got along with all of these guys. They’re really just a great group of guys. The guys helping the pro’s train like Gavin, Smoothy and the coaches like Kenny and Dave Jackson. It’s just an eclectic group of great trainers, an elite camp and just great guys. The camaraderie amongst these men is just phenomenal.

Even though it’s cold, they still crack jokes and make sure the training is amazing.


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