Former Pride Boss Nobuyuki Sakakibara Back in MMA?

By Daniel Herbertson

Rumors were flying in Japan this week via Japanese outlet Miruhon that former Pride FC President Nobuyuki Sakakibara, former Pride director and vice president, and the man behind DREAM Hiroyuki Kato and former Sengoku event producer, Astra and J-Rock boss Takahiro Kokuho are planning on uniting for a one-off event to be held this spring.

Independent sources have confirmed to MMA Fighting that an event is indeed being discussed and currently it will be an all-Japanese show to be held sometime in the Spring at a venue around the size of the 3,000-seat JCB Hall, although specifics are still quite rough.

If these sources are correct, this event would change the face of Japanese MMA dramatically.

Firstly, it would most likely mean the end of DREAM and that there has been a split between Real Entertainment and FEG. This is not surprising at all and was bound to happen with the poor ratings, poor finances and with K-1 creator Kazuyoshi Ishii (although Ishii may be squeezed out in the current FEG restructuring) out of jail.

It’s the return of Nobuyuki Sakakibara to MMA that is simply mind boggling.

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