Bibiano Fernandes possible for Dream bantamweight GP

By Erik Engelhart

Former Dream featherweight champion, the Brailian Jiu-Jitsu black-belt Bibiano Fernandes is celebrating the greatest victory of his entire life: the coming of his second heir, Gabriel. The newest tough little guy was born three weeks ago, the goofy dad doesn’t let go of his child for one second. “Thanks God everything’s fine, it’s the third week he’s around and he came in a great moment, he’s healthy and handsome like his dad. This is the second, I’ve adopted a boy of two years old and when you adopt is the same love a birth father has for your son, I have Elias and now Gabriel”, commented Bibiano, who revealed the feeling of conquering a title ain’t enough to compare to the feeling that it’s to be a daddy.

“To me, family comes first and when I watched my son being born it was really touching, it’s a God’s gift, man… It’s a life that God gives you to take care of, it’s much more exciting than winning a belt. There’s no comparison, man, it’s the ‘product’ of something you did, I can’t explain, it’s a miracle, it’s a God’s thing indeed”, said the Brazilian, who’s having trouble sleeping, but willing to return to the rings, probable on a bantamweight GP of Dream.


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