Body + Soul + Ego = Brian Ebersole

By Thomas Gerbasi

Illinois’ Brian Ebersole always told himself to “be patient” when it came to getting a call to compete in the UFC. What he probably didn’t know was that such patience would take him through 11 years of competition and over 60 professional fights before he got that call.

Yet this weekend, Ebersole’s wild MMA ride will set down in his adopted hometown of Sydney, Australia, where he will face another veteran of the Midwest’s “Meat Grinder” circuit, Chris Lytle, on a UFC 127 card that the 30-year old hopes will be the start of something big for his career.

If anything, after not making last year’s Aussie card and missing the cut on season 13 of The Ultimate Fighter, Ebersole – who has won seven in a row – has earned his spot, and when Carlos Condit was forced out of the Lytle bout due to injury, he jumped at the opportunity.

“When I received word of the UFC offer for 127, I changed course immediately and worked to arrange the best training camp, which I did,” he said. “I didn’t think about the future, or how I felt about it. I was practical, and looked for immediate assistance in putting together the best two weeks that I could – as that’s all I had available to work with. So my reaction was to scramble, make calls, send emails, and hope that I would have talented training partners. And it so happens that I was provided a great set of circumstances, in Melbourne, thanks in large part to the efforts of Kimekai Martial Arts Instructor, Ed Bavelock.”


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