Japanese MMA Sensation Kazuyuki Miyata Signs With Nike

Fortuna PR are pleased to announce that former Olympian and current Japanese MMA star Kazuyuki Miyata has signed a groundbreaking MMA sponsorship deal with Nike. As the world’s leading supplier of athletic footwear and apparel, Miyata is proud to join an illustrious list of sponsored athletes that compiles a who’s who of sports‘ leading figures. With Miyata closing in on the Dream featherweight title, the relationship appears to have arrived with perfect timing.

Japanese MMA fighter, freestyle wrestler and former Olympian; Miyata represented Japan at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Now an accomplished MMA fighter Miyata is renowned for his amazing suplex attacks. He is currently on a seven-fight winning streak which puts him firmly in the Dream promotion’s title picture.

Miyata discusses the deal:

“I’m stoked! Nike is a world renowned and widely respected sporting company. I’m very honoured Nike decided to contact me and asked me to represent the label. It’s the history and what Nike represents, not only the sporting world, but also in the overall promotion and encouragement of health and fitness lifestyles for all people.

“I have agreed to work alongside Nike to encourage a level of excellence in the sporting arena, as well as promote a health and fitness lifestyle in general. As an example, Nike and I have decided to forward the brand to my children’s wrestling team. We have incentives and prizes presented to children who are advancing and achieving goals. Nike will be working together with me to ensure this programs success, and offer their full support.

“In regards to myself and Nike, once again, I am truly honoured to be approached by such a large well established and well respected company as Nike.

“Having Nike’s interest and support inspires me to train to my best ability, and perform in the sporting arena at the highest level of excellence.

“There’s nothing else to say now, except ‘Just Do it’ and I will!”


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