Mark Fischer Says UFC Has Significant Opportunities in Japan Now

By Daniel Herbertson

The Japanese fight sport industry is in dire straits. The two leading event promoters, K-1 and DREAM promoter Fighting and Entertainment Group and Sengoku Raiden Championship promoter World Victory Road, have no events scheduled, are having major financial troubles and are losing fighters to the Western promotions at a rapid rate.

Out of great crisis comes great opportunity and the UFC is now planning on moving in. Leading the charge is the man responsible for bringing the NBA to China, Mark Fischer.

Now holding the title of Zuffa Asia Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Fischer spoke exclusively to MMA Fighting about Zuffa’s expansion into Japan.

With Strikeforce and the UFC both recently announcing their intentions to promote in Japan in 2011, it seems as though the American promotions are swooping in for the kill while the Japanese scene is weakened. However, Fischer says that the timing is due to Zuffa’s own opportunities, not because of the state of Japanese MMA.

“Zuffa has been working on the Japan market for many years, and the various relationships and resources we have built up here over this time have generated some significant opportunities for us now.”


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