Bobby Lashley: Too Much, Too Soon For Former WWE Star

By Jonathan Snowden

In a lot of ways Bobby Lashley owes his career to Brock Lesnar. Once dubbed “Black Lesnar,” the former Army wrestler has followed in the giant South Dakotan‘s footsteps, from the amateur wrestling world, to the theatrics and grueling road life of the WWE, right into an MMA cage.

That’s both a good and a bad thing. Lesnar has paved the way, but he’s also created enormous expectations. Unrealistic expectations. Few will ever be able to match Brock’s rocket like rise to the top of the MMA business. He fought former champion Frank Mir in his second fight. By his fourth fight he was vanquishing the legendary Randy Couture. Lashley couldn’t match that. No one could.

“It’s hard when you have your first fight. And that first fight is on TV,” Lashley told Bloody Elbow Radio in an exclusive interview. “You have a lot of publicity around you. It’s kind of hard. Other guys, they get a handful of fights before they ever see any competition or are even on TV or anything like that. My first fight was on a major card and I’ve been on TV my whole career. Everybody was like ‘Who are you going to fight next? Are you going to fight Fedor?’ And man, I’ve only got one fight under my belt!”


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