Connecticut Considering Introducing a Bill To Legalize Mixed Martial Arts

By Trent Reinsmith

While the state of New York stubbornly digs in its heels, its much smaller neighbor, Connecticut, looks to be the next state that may legalize the sport of mixed martial arts.

The Hartford Courant reports that Connecticut State Senator Joan Hartley, the co-chair of the public safety committee, inquired as to how MMA differs from the professional wrestling events promoted by World Wrestling Entertainment, which is headquartered in Connecticut.

“We’re not scripted entertainment,” responded Marc Ratner, vice president of government and regulatory affairs for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. “These are real fights.”

State Representative Matthew Lesser spoke about the bill that could legalize MMA in the state: “This bill will put mixed martial arts on an equal footing with boxing, allowing the thousands of MMA fans in Connecticut the opportunity to watch their pastime without leaving the state. In addition, it would generate economic activity and should be revenue positive.”

Lesser said that a five percent tax on MMA gate receipts would help the state.


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