Dennis Hallman Discusses Weight In The UFC

By Jake Chastain

UFC welterweight and MMA veteran Dennis Hallman recently exchanged some words with’s own Pedro Carrasco. During the interview Carrasco asked Mr. Hallman how he felt about the UFC adopting the WEC and the adding of the two extra weight classes (bantamweight and featherweight). In response, here is what Hallman said:

“The UFC is supposed to be the best fighters in the world and the WEC had the best 35 and 45er’s in the world so this is the way it’s supposed to be. No matter how deep the roster gets, really what the UFC is about is having the best athletes competing in the organization. Now we have the best 35ers and 45ers to go along with the rest of the weight classes.”

Hallman’s response to the merger is pretty straight forward and well supported. Quite simply, he said the merger was well justified. However, when he talked about the added weight classes he felt inclined to add some of his own personal input into the situation. Hallman explained:

“What I would like to see is [The UFC] add a 65 and get rid of 70 and add a 75 and a 95 so there are weight classes every 10 pounds. That would really even out all the divisions and make the sport a lot more competitive for a lot of the guys. There are a lot of guys that are in between. The average population is 5ft 9 and 170 pounds. That’s the average human being and we only have that one weight class and there is such a big gap between 55 and 70 and 70 and 85 that they should really break that up.”

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