Escudero hopes pre-med classes, increased focus guide him back to UFC

By John Morgan

When the UFC decided to release “The Ultimate Fighter 8” winner Efrain Escudero (15-2) following a September 2010 loss, much of the MMA community was shocked at the decision.

Count Escudero among those taken aback.

But the 25-year-old “Hecho en Mexico” insists the move may eventually prove a positive moment in his career, and he’s used the release – not to mention a few pre-medical classes – to get his life back on track.

“[Being in school] actually keeps me more focused,” Escudero told Radio ( “It keeps me more on track. … I have to go to sleep early because I have an 8 o’clock class. Then I have strength and conditioning.

“When I wasn’t in school, when I took that semester off, it was hectic. Sometimes my friends wanted to go out, and I wanted to go out, so we decided to go out. Now, we’re all back at school and stuff, and it keeps me more focused, where back in the day, I would just wait for practice. I’d go to sleep and say, ‘Oh, I got practice at 2 o’clock, so it’s all good. I’ll sleep until then.’ This keeps me more active.”

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