James Toney: “If anything, the UFC is going to need me”

By Fighters Only

Despite his one foray into MMA being a very quick – and pretty embarrassing – submission loss to Randy Couture, former boxing champion James Toney is convinced that the UFC will come asking for his services again.

And if they do, he wants to fight either Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson or rematch Couture.

“Just because I lost the fight with Couture doesn’t mean I’m done with MMA. I’m still going to go back in there. I have just been handling big business right now. I’m looking forward to getting back in there, hopefully against Rampage Jackson,” he said to BJPenn.com

“I want to fight Randy Couture again too. I tried to get Randy to come over and fight me in boxing but I know he aint crazy. Anybody in the MMA game if they are foolish enough to stand toe to toe to me you might as well put a 9mm to your head and pull the trigger.

“[Rampage] started running his mouth though and he got a lot to say but I know Dana won’t let him fight me because they know I’ll knock his ass out.”

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