Kenny Florian Talks Featherweight Cut, Ending UFC Career At Lightweight

By Luke Thomas

What do you do when a fight you never saw coming actually comes your way? For Kenny Florian, you use the moment to reevaluate your career situation and go chasing the fight even into unknown territory.

After UFC featherweight champion was offered a fight at lightweight against Kenny Florian and turned it down, the wheels in Florian’s head began to turn. “[The decision to drop] really didn’t come to be an idea until Jose Aldo fight was proposed to me. I said ‘That’s great. I get to fight him at ’55’, but he didn’t want to come up to ’55. I started thinking ‘That would be a great fight’. I think he’s a phenomenal fighter, it would be a great opportunity to fight one of the best pound-for-pound guys in the world. Could I make it? So I started asking around and they said that I could do it. That’s why I kinda decided to try it out and see.”

Florian said he obviously had concerns about the drop, but first observed that making lightweight is not a difficult process. “There have been fights where I’ve only cut about three pounds for 155lbs and I did it outside shadowboxing in about 30 minutes,” says Florian. “155lbs, it’s not really that big of a deal for me. I’ve never felt any type of ill effects from making 155lbs. It’s always been pretty easy for me.”

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