Sotiropoulos among Dana White’s Jiu-Jitsu favorites

By Carlos Eduardo Ozório

On an eight-fight winning streak, seven taking place in the UFC, Australia’s George Sotiropoulos is one of the most keenly-awaited fighters to perform at this Saturday’s UFC 127 show in Sydney. A grappling wizard with eight submissions in 14 wins (two losses), Sotiropoulos, who will face also-finisher (nine) Dennis Siver, mixes up an assortment of different positions, from the omoplata to the traditional rear-naked choke.

The fight promises plenty of ground action and George will have to apply himself to appease his public. Among the Australian’s fans from Jiu-Jitsu is none other than UFC president Dana White, who heaped praise on the fighter in a recent conversation with GRACIEMAG>com. Sotiropoulos says he has just what it takes to meet expectations:

“I was doing Jiu-Jitsu one week, wrestling the next, boxing, then MMA, and back to Jiu-Jitsu. That mentality always kept me going and always gave me another goal to look forward to and something to always prepare for. I like having something to do, I like having something to strive for, and I feel a sense of achievement every time I set my mind to something and I’m working away at getting it done. It gives you something to look forward to everyday and this is what I love doing. I couldn’t accept myself doing anything else, and because of that, I’m motivated to do it every day. ” he said on the UFC website.


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