Aldo Training With K-1 “Destroyer”

By Tom Palmer

Jose Aldo first burst onto the scene with a KO of Alexandre Nogueira and has not looked back since. Precision striking and breathtaking athleticism have placed Aldo’s name on the pound-for-pound list near the tip top but the Brazilian isn’t resting on his laurels.

Aldo’s name has been linked with K1 veteran Andy Souwer and it seems the man with the best leg kicks in the business has travelled across the world to Amsterdam, The Netherlands to further refine his striking with Souwer. Souwer sports a remarkable 137-11 record in K1 bouts despite being only 28 and is appropriately nicknamed “The Destroyer”.

Just as Vitor Belfort worked with Mike Tyson on his boxing and wrestlers will often bring in other high-level wrestlers, Aldo is working on his greatest skill to make it even more deadly. Think of it similar to when Tiger Woods broke down his swing and then rebuilt it in the middle of his dominance. The best remain on top because of their unwillingness to settle.


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