Anderson Silva’s coach: “GSP should stay in his division”

By Guilherme Cruz

After Anderson Silva dominated the UFC middleweight division, the matchmakers tries to find a new challenge for the champion, and it will probably be welterweight king Georges St. Pierre. In case he beats Jake Shields at UFC 129, GSP will move up to the heavier weight division to fight the “Spider”, but the Brazilian’s coach said it wouldn’t be a good idea.

“Georges St. Pierre should stay in his division (laughs), because if he moves up he’d have much headache”, Josuel DIstak told TATAME. “St. Pierre is a strategic fighter. Besides being very dangerous, Anderson also is strategic, so he has two weapons. Anderson has an advantage over St. Pierre because of his reach and game, he has a more efficient Muay Thai and a tough ground game”, analyzes, excited for the bout: “Anderson will be prepared for him”.


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Note: Antonio Silva weighed roughly the same amount more than Fedor as Anderson weighs over GSP. This match makes absolutely no sense at all. The UFC is always harping about “this is a real sport” and “this sport should be respected”…I agree, this sport should be respected. We don’t need freak show matches. We have weight classes for a reason. The UFC needs to respect their own sport.

– Evil


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