Lights, cameras…GSP!

By Chris Doucette

As the face of the UFC in Canada, and arguably around the world, Georges “Rush” St-Pierre has performed in front of thousands of screaming fans countless times.

But Friday night in Toronto it was GSP’s acting ability that was on display instead of his fighting prowess.

He and fellow French-Canadian David “The Crow” Loiseau, who also makes his living with his fists, were in town for the premiere of their new movie, The Striking Truth, at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts.

About 2,000 fight fans packed the theatre for a slightly different show than what they’d normally expect of their mixed martial arts heroes.

Producer and director, Steven Wong, and his co-stars have made it clear in recent interviews that it’s a movie for everyone, not just fight fans.

It’s a human story, one that uses the world of MMA as a metaphor for life.

That’s clear in the tagline the fighters chant in previews:

“Some days you win and some days you lose.”

The film began four years ago as a documentary about Canadian mixed martial artists, Wong said.


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