McSweeney: Maturity and focus ahead of Rodriguez battle

By Fighters Only

James McSweeney freely acknowledges that he provokes mixed reactions among MMA fans. There are a contingent who did not take to him during his time on The Ultimate Fighter season ten, during which he sometimes came off as arrogant.

But sitting down with Fighters Only at the BAMMA 5 weigh-ins in Manchester today, McSweeney seems almost a new man. He looks leaner, stronger and more focused than we have seen him in a long time and his answers to our questions were characterised by a modesty and maturity that was at times absent in his TUF appearance.

McSweeney credits his new focus to a move back towards his roots. Following the loss to Fabio Maldonado at UFC 120 last year, he went back to training with Lucien Carbin in Amsterdam.

“I came out of that fight with a broken rib and a cracked rib on the same side,” he says. “I couldn’t sleep that night, not because of the pain but because I lost. I had to change something. The very next day after the fight I drove from London to Amsterdam [via the undersea Channel Tunnel] and went to see Lucien about training with him again.”


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