Nobuyuki Sakakibara and Hiroyuki Kato open an office in Tokyo.

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The iconic former president of the defunct PRIDE organization which had withdrawn from the middle of the MMA for almost three years preparing his return to the world of MMA very soon.

The news would run for several weeks and rumors said that Nobuyuki SAKAKIBARA preparing to create a new MMA organization by spring with Takakhiro Kokuho (former director of Sengoku, the ASTRA and responsible management company J-Rock), and Hiroyuki Kato (Vice Director of DREAM). A new contradicted last week by Mr. Kokuho himself and this week by Mr. Sasahara, director of DREAM.

However a source close to IKUSI, it would appear that things have advanced and it seems Mr. Sakakibara and Mr. Kato had already found an office in the district of Shibuya in Tokyo. Mr. Kato has always been close to Mr. Sakakibara and was always kept in touch with it when exercising the DREAM and will probably hold the reins of the future organization of the fact that the reputation of Mr. Sakakibara is not the most popular PRIDE since the affair and his alleged relationship with a gang of Japanese mafia.

It only remains to wait until the main question put forward in their efforts and officially announced.

Stay tuned. Things may get interesting here.


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  1. Sakakibara is poison to any serious event due to his past

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