Pat Barry: “Anthony Pettis is the evolution of fight sports”

By Jake Chastain’s Pedro Carrasco recently spoke with the always charismatic and heavy handed UFC heavyweight, Pat Barry. During their conversation Carrasco asked a few questions about the WEC merger and the ripples that it would undoubtedly wave through the UFC. While on the conversation, Carrasco asked Barry for his opinion on Anthony “Showtime” Pettis and if he thought that Pettis could take out the current UFC Champion. Here is how Barry responded:

“Yes, he can take out both Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar, yes. Either one of them, it doesn’t matter. This is a different caliber, a different breed of fighter. This is not some guy who is good in Jiu Jitsu or really good at wrestling or really good at conditioning. This is evolution of fight sports. Singularly personified into this one guy right here. This is the evolution of fight sports.”

Confident words from a knowledgeable fight veteran. Barry states that Anthony Pettis has a solid chance of become the UFC lightweight champion, which would prove to the world that the WEC has always held some of the best lighter fighters on the planet. If Pettis does indeed steal away the UFC lightweight strap he will surely become a fan favorite and shake up the division.


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