B.J. Penn on Dana White: “He wants me to be the champ.”

By Jason Benfari

A jiu-jitsu prodigy at age 17, and world champion just three years after picking up the sport, submission grappling has always come easy to B.J. Penn. But wrestling has been a different animal all-together.

Though Penn is considered to have top notch takedown defense, his offensive wrestling, clench game and ability to deal with high level wrestling has come into question in recent years after suffering losses to Georges St. Pierre and Frankie Edgar, both top level MMA wrestlers.

Penn, who picked up high level jiu-jitsu in a matter of a couple of years, admits wrestling has been difficult to pick up.

“The thing about wrestling is that it’s very rough,” Penn recently told UFC.com. “I don’t want to say it’s not technical because it’s just as technical as jiu-jitsu is, but it’s something that has to be hammered into a human being from a young age and you keep going from there. It really is a hard thing to pick up. Wrestling is not easy.


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