In Their Own Words: Strikeforce’s best commentators, UFC 127 fighting words and more

By Jason Kelly

“When you and Mike Schiavello did the commentating on the Strikeforce undercard, that was the best part of the f**king show.” – Joe Rogan commends Bas Rutten on a job well done during Rogan’s UStream broadcast.

“I know I can beat B.J. (Penn). I mean I can beat anybody. I’ll fight GSP, I’ll fight Anderson Silva. I can beat anybody. Anywhere I want, I have that much confidence in myself.” – Jon Fitch, at the UFC 127 press conference in Australia.

“We won’t know unless we get in the same organization. Who’s to say that I’m No. 1 or they’re No. 1 if we haven’t fought yet? We’ll never know until we all fight each other. But they’re definitely the top guys. No joke about that.” – Cain Velasquez speaks on the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix participants, and the comparison of UFC and Strikeforce heavyweight fighters.

“My new style is actually cerebral and smart. I don’t get hurt anymore, but (I) lost fans. When I get the belt back, they will (love me) again.” – Miguel Torres expresses the confidence he found with his revamped style of fighting.


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