Mark Hunt not finished yet as he stops Chris Tuchscherer in the second round

By Michael Pepper

Former K-1 champion, Mark Hunt has proved there’s life in the old dog yet as he brought to an end a long losing streak by defeating Chris Tuchscherer in the second round at UFC 127 in Sydney, Australia.

Big left from Hunt misses. Tuchscherer drops down for the takedown but he has nothing. Tuchscherer shoots in again and Hunt drops him with a huge right hand. Hunt allows Tuchscherer back to the feet. Hunt with a series of big bombs and it appears Tuchscherer is cut badly. Tuchscherer gains the takedown and moves to side control. Hunt escapes a kimura attempt but eats a few elbows. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Hunt.

Hunt misses with an overhand right before landing a short uppercut. Tuchscherer smiles but is soon on the back foot after narrowly avoiding a big uppercut. Hunt with a sharp jab followed by another uppercuts drops Tuchscherer for the knockout win.

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