Rafael Sapo wants a spot at UFC Rio card

By Guilherme Cruz

Right after UFC announced its return to Brazil, many Brazilian fighters expressed their desire to participate on this historical show, scheduled for August 27th, at HSBC Arena, in Rio de Janeiro.

Current living in New York, the Brazilian Rafael Sapo wants a spot on this great card, which has no names confirmed yet. “Maybe I’ll get a chance to fight on UFC Rio… It’s not likely, but it can happen, right? The line is big (laughs)”, joked the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, that for now is only worried about his injured knee, that forced him to cancel his fight with Alessio Sakara, on UFC on Versus 3.

“I was training hard, then the two guys training beside me fell and my knee twisted. I’ve injured my knee, but I’m already better… I’m taking it easy for now”, tells Sapo, explaining that a training partner warned him minutes about the accident.

“Big Dog (Ricardo Almeida) never warns me of anything, but on that day he told me to take care because Rashad (Evans) wouldn’t be fighting for the belt (against Mauricio Rua) because someone fell on his knee… And it happened to me”, said, regretting the fact he “lost” the chance to fight on the main card of UFC.


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