Sotiropoulos hopes to enter title mix with win tonight

By The Canadian Press

George Sotiropoulos just has to think about the time he lived in a New York laundromat to remember how far he has come.

It was just for a week, back in 2002, but it was long enough for the Australian to question his mixed martial arts career path.

“I was in an office, sleeping on a couch, but it was like ‘What am I doing here?”‘ he recalled. “It wasn’t in the greatest part of town and basically it sounded like an asylum.

“Not that I’ve seen in an asylum, but I have seen the movies,” he added with a laugh.

“I couldn’t wait to get out of there. And I did shortly after.”

Sotiropoulos (14-2, including 7-0 in the UFC) now ranks as one of the world’s elite lightweights.

He can cement his place as a championship contender with a win over hard-nosed German kickboxer Dennis Siver (17-7, including 6-4 in the UFC) on Saturday night at UFC 127 in Sydney, Australia (available on pay-per-view).

“This has been such a long project for me,” Sotiropoulos said. “It started over a decade ago. To get here was not easy. It was very difficult. I went through a lot of adversity and a lot of challenges and had to figure out a lot of things.


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