Michael Bisping Beats Up Jorge Rivera

By Kid Nate

Michael Bisping followed up a first round illegal knee on the ground with some brutal punching in the following round to finish Jorge Rivera at UFC 127.

Bisping apologized for some of his trash talk and behavior after the fight.

The bitter rivals didn’t waste any time with touching gloves before the fight. Rivera came out lunging forward but Bisping easily made him miss. Bisping took him down with almost four minutes left. Rivera stood back up. After a hard right landed for Rivera, Bisping went for a single leg that went nowhere. Bisping followed with a double leg that worked with about 2:45 left. Bisping landed some hard ground and pound but added an illegal knee to the head while Rivera was down on the ground. Rivera took his time getting up but the doctor allowed him to continue. Bisping lost a point. Rivera came out aggressive. Bisping went for another double leg but got stuffed. Bisping got him down with just under a minute left. Bisping landed hard shots on the ground. Rivera stood up but ate more shots doing it. Bisping talked some trash after the end of the round.

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