Paul Daley: Fighting his way back

By Ben Lettman

A resurgent Paul Daley returns home

ARGUABLY BRITAIN’S best mixed martial artist, Paul Daley returns to the octagon on February 26 as he fights for the BAMMA (British Associations of Mixed Martial Arts) welterweight title against Yuya Shirai at the MEN Arena.

However, the 27-year-old’s future in MMA looked uncertain after his ill-tempered bout with Josh Koscheck last May which resulted in him being banished from the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) for punching Koscheck after the fight as the American’s back was turned.

Since his actions at UFC 113 Daley has thrived, recording three straight wins and the Nottingham native conveyed to the Voice of Sport that you do not have to be in the UFC to be amongst the elite in the sport.

“I just want the other fighters out there on smaller shows trying to get up to the UFC to know it’s not only the UFC. You can’t let one person control the whole sport. There’s other ways that you can survive in the sport and do what you love doing and still be a professional as your day-to-day thing without going to the UFC. There are opportunities out there.”


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