Phil Baroni weighs in for Bisping

By Fighters Only

Phil Baroni has thrown his support behind Michael Bisping and says the British welterweight was under no obligation to be on friendly terms with Jorge Rivera after their UFC 127 fight.

Bisping was involved in heated scenes following the fight, arguing with Rivera and Rivera’s corner team and spitting in the direction of one of them.

Baroni says, “Bisping kicked Rivera’s ass after a bad blood, bitter rival pre-fight campaign instigated by Rivera and his camp. Why does Mike have to kiss and make up with Rivera after he smashes him? Why?

Mike beat his ass broke him physically and even more mentally. Case closed. They had annomisity and hatred for each other prefight. If you want to talk shit prefight, insult, make videos, etc in order to promote yourself, the fight or whatever that’s your choice.

But after the guy kicks your ass he don’t have to be you be your best friend and hug it out with you. Don’t expect it to be water under the bridge especially after a one-sided affair.”


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