Chael Sonnen’s Suspension Is Complete: What’s Next for the UFC Middleweight?

By Trent Reinsmith

As of Thursday, March 3, Chael Sonnen had completed the six-month suspension that was handed to him by the California State Athletic Commission.

MMAFighting reports that CSAC executive officer George Dodd informed the website that Sonnen had fulfilled the terms of his suspension and would be able to apply to have his license reinstated.

“If Mr. Sonnen wants to be licensed here in California, he will have to appear before the commission to regain his license,” Dodd informed MMAFighting.

“Every other state will have to make a determination on their process for licensing Mr. Sonnen.”

Sonnen was originally handed a one-year suspension from the CSAC due to a positive drug test following his loss to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 127, which took place in August of last year.

Sonnen’s test revealed elevated levels of testosterone, which he and his physician argued were due to hypogonadism, a condition that results in low testosterone levels.


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