Rashad Evans responds to criticism on waiting out for title shot before injury

By Jamie Penick

Rashad Evans has taken a lot of heat and criticism over the last month after an injury forced him out of a title bout with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 128. A lot of that criticism has come from UFC President Dana White, and much of it was centered on the fact that Evans sat out of action waiting for that title shot instead of taking a fight in the interim. Now, Evans has given his side of the situation, and explained his reasoning for waiting out the fight, and says he wouldn’t have done it differently.

“Say for instance I would have taken a fight then I would have gotten injured training for a fight that wasn’t a title bout. Everybody would have said I was stupid for not waiting,” Evans said in an interview with Duane Finley at BloodyElbow.com. “I got hurt in a freak accident while I was training for the title bout so it’s just something that happened. It probably couldn’t have happened another one in a million times but it happened to me and with no time to spare.

“Let me set a few things straight… first and foremost I was not afraid to fight. I would have fought but I wanted it to be for something. Dana White and the UFC didn’t want to do an interim belt so therefore I waited. What was my guarantee and what would I really have been fighting for? I can tell you what I do fight for and that’s to be the champion and what would a win against somebody else have gotten me when I had already earned the number one contender spot?”

For Evans the fight game is about much more than just the in cage action, and the business end of things is something he feels needs more attention from fighters at times.


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