Shogun says change of opponent makes no difference

By Fighters Only

Mauricio ‘ShogunRua tells Fighters Only that the switch in opponent from Rashad Evans to Jon Jones hasn’t made much difference to his UFC 128 preparations.

“Rashad got injured which is a shame but they are similar and I will continue to train with the same strategy, which is to focus on striking and wrestling. I think they are both tough fighters and the only difference is their body types,” he said to Fighters Only video reporter Gary Alexander recently.

“They are both tough guys, Rashad has one loss but other than that they are very similar.”

Rua also commented on the rumour that Rampage was the original stand-in opponent selected by the UFC, before Jones was cemented in the title shot.

With a wry laugh, Rua said “I don’t know what happened, Rampage was overweight or something so he couldn’t do it, it didn’t really work out.”


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