Carlos Newton confirmed for JEG London, Ontario show for May 19th

MMA fans and fanatics across the map saw their dreams turn to reality on January 1, 2011 when the Government officially legalized Mixed Martial Arts in Ontario!

The buzz has been going for weeks and Jones Entertainment Group (JEG) is among the first to carry it forward. On May 19, 2011 JEG will fill the John Labatt Centre (JLC) with over 9,000 MMA fans, creating one of the most memorable sporting events to ever happen in London, ON. Canada’s top fighters will go face to face with the world’s best, in an 8-bout matchup that is sure to leave spectators high on MMA adrenaline for days!

President of Jones Entertainment Group, Brad Jones, says:

“We are thrilled to have been licensed by the Ontario Government to promote 3 large scale MMA fights across Ontario in 2011 – the first one being here in London, at the JLC on May 19th. We’re making a promise to MMA fans that these events will be world-class. With the highest calibre of fighters, superior production (sound, lighting and video) and taking place in top-notch venues.”

With the Jones family having been in the entertainment business for over 80 years – starting back in the 1920’s promoting boxing and wrestling events with heroes like Whisper Billy Watson – it’s no wonder Brad Jones finishes off his quote by saying “This is a very exciting day”.

The excitement is spreading like wildfire. General Manager of Tourism London, John Winston, sums it up perfectly:

“This will be huge! Not just for MMA Fans but for the City of London!”

Next to Toronto’s April 29th UFC event, MMA LIVE1 on May 19th at the John Labatt Centre in London, will be the biggest event in Ontario in 2011.

For more information: Click Here

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