Marloes Coenen Finds Tate’s Injury “Curious,” Ready For Carmouche

By Mick Hammond

Even after 11 years in MMA, Strikeforce women’s 135-pound champion Marloes Coenen realizes that she can’t be complacent and has to continue to grow or be left behind in the modern fight scene.

“I feel I still have so much to learn,” Coenen admitted to “The sport is developing fast, and stuff we used to do 5 years ago is now outdated.

“I learn the most in my fights; therefore I hope I can fight a lot this year.”

As Coenen recalls, when she first got involved in combat sports, the term “Mixed Martial Arts” had not yet even been coined.

“When I started, the term ‘MMA’ wasn’t there yet,” chuckled Coenen. “In the Netherlands it was called ‘Free Fight’ and the politicians and media were in shock and awe.

“I was looking for some self defense and it was my trainer, Martijn de Jong, who asked me a few years later to fight at the first amateur Shooto event in Europe. There and then I was infected with the MMA bug.”

And even though she recently became a champion in a major promotion, Coenen insists she will approach the sport the way she always has.


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