Tim Kennedy Eager to Make a Statement in Battle with Melvin Manhoef

By Ben Fowlkes

When Tim Kennedy steps in against Melvin Manhoef in Strikeforce this Saturday night, it will have been nearly seven months since his last fight — a narrow decision loss against Strikeforce middleweight champ RonaldoJacare‘ Souza.

If you ask Kennedy, seven months is much too long without somebody to punch in the face on live TV. And it’s just possible, he’s willing to admit now, that maybe he didn’t handle the layoff all that well.

“I don’t mean to use an inappropriate metaphor, but you know that guy who really wants to go home with a girl, and it’s two o’clock in the morning and the bar’s closing down and he’s just going after everybody? He doesn’t care what they look like or what they weigh, he’s just up for anything? That’s how I’ve been feeling about a fight,” Kennedy told MMA Fighting. “Like, how about you? How about you? Just anybody.”

He’s still not entirely sure why it was so difficult to get an opponent and a date. Originally he’d hoped to get a rubber match with Jason “Mayhem” Miller, and he’d heard that Miller was willing and able. When that fight failed to materialize, Kennedy started to get a little desperate for some action.

“I was asking my confidants like, should I just start talking smack about people? Should I go to Japan? Should I go to Brazil? I was that really creepy guy outside the bar being like, ‘Hey, what are you doing later?’ I just wanted to fight.”

Ask long and loud enough, and ye shall receive. Eventually.


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