Bellator prohibits sponsorship from poker sites and Condom Depot

By Jonathan Luther

Bellator Fighting Championship enjoyed considerable coverage when they announced the move to MTV2 from their previous home of Fox Sports Network. The announcement was received with questions ranging from differences in average viewership between the networks to which day the events would be broadcast. Left out of the conversation was the change in sponsorship opportunities for Bellator’s fighters. has learned from sources close to Bellator Fighting Championship that the promotion is no longer allowing its fighters to receive sponsorship from poker sites and Condom Depot. Sources indicated that the move was requested, if not necessitated, by the MTV2 network in an effort to keep their station more suitable for teenagers and young adults.

Some agents and managers find the move to be hypocritical given the age demographic and other offerings on the MTV network. One agent said:

“[Bellator] says that it’s because MTV2 isn’t an acceptable audience for either sponsor. But look at the demographic they pull: males 19 – 35. So I don’t believe a word of it, because the majority of the people in that demographic are legally capable of gambling. What about Condom Depot? I mean, have you seen some of the stuff that’s on MTV2? Have they ever seen Skin, that show they have where underage kids are having sex with each other?”


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