Holly Holm TKO’s Opponent in MMA Debut

By Phil Butler

In martial arts news, World Champion boxer Holly Holm just had her first career mixed martial arts (MMA) victory over Christina “Machine Gun” Domke. The match, held at the Route 66 Casino last night, only lasted half way through the second round before the referee ended the bout.

Best known for her boxing ability, it was Holm’s kicking ability that put Domke out via TKO. Holm, as the reader may already know, is considered by many to be the finest welterweight women’s boxer ever. Evidently her transition to MMA is off to the same kind of start she is noted for in the boxing world. A solid kick to Domke’s head, followed by a kick to her opponent’s leg, caused the referee to end the fight.

Holm, speaking with reporters before the bout last week, addressed the issue of whether or not she is out of boxing or not. The champ insists she is just adding MMA to her repotoir, and not quitting anything. “I’m just doing more,” Holm said. When asked about her plans after the bout, she just told reporters she wanted to take it one bout at a time.

Holm “Hotty” Holm is coached by Mike Winkeljohn, calls her “a natural.” The instinct to fight back naturally, this is what Winkeljohn is talking about. That means the preacher’s daughter is in good hands as she makes the transition from boxing to MMA. And boy does the 5 foot 8 southpaw have it. Most experts in boxing consider Holm, pound for pound, to be the best fighter in the United States. As for her next MMA bout? We will have to wait and see.

The video coverage below from Route 66 Casino before the bout shows Holly and MMA veteran Keith Jardine talk to ABQJournal.




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