More On New System Of K-1 Presser! Fresh Start?

By N.O.B

So the story is that Kamipro were planning to interview K-1 event producer Sadaharu Tanikawa on February 23rd. It was cancelled by Tanikawa when the writer was at his office though.

And the reason was because on the first week of March at the latest, they will hold a press conference. After that press conference there will be much more to talk about.

But there are only 2 days left of the first week of March. He did say next week or the week after in the video interview from the same day though.

Tanikawa said (I’m guessing when the writer visited him): “Everything is fine” and “If K-1 isn’t born again…” (basically he’s saying that K-1 has to be born again/make a fresh start).

So expect the announcement of a new system/new order for K-1 if a press conference happens one of these days.

Source: NHBnews PRO


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