Doubts surface over St-Pierre v Silva superfight


Major doubt exists over whether Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva are still heading for a UFC superfight later this year.

The two champions of the welterweight and middleweight divisions respectively had been expected to finally put on the most eagerly awaited fight in UFC history if they both came through their latest title defences. Silva was successful in his collision with Vitor Belfort at UFC 126, which has just left St-Pierre to follow suit against Jake Shields at UFC 129.

However, doubts have begun to emerge over the bout following BJ Penn‘s uninspiring draw with Jon Fitch. In previous interviews St-Pierre has explained that once he steps up to middleweight he will stay there, and the Penn v Fitch draw leaves no obvious successors to GSP’s 170lb throne.

Now St-Pierre himself is casting doubt for the first time over a future collision with Silva, pointing out the one problem that UFC president Dana White has always alluded to, that Silva is significantly larger than the Canadian.

“I don’t know [about fighting Anderson Silva],” St-Pierre recently said on UFC on Versus. “I need to sit down with my entourage and see first where this fight will take place and what weight, and a bunch of stuff. Right now I’m focusing just on Jake Shields, I don’t see further than Jake Shields.


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Admin Note: This fight will NOT happen. Not a year from now, not ever. Period.

The only person in the world who thinks this is a good idea and is actually calling for this fight to happen is Lorenzo Fertitta. He tells Dana to try to make it happen, so Dana is trying to make it happen. But it’s not going to happen. So the false hype being attempted by these for profit news sites attempting to put fake public pressure on Georges, needs to stop. Because this fight does not make any sense at all. These guys are in two completely different weight classes. Anderson out weighs Georges by around 50 pounds! Why on earth would Georges St Pierre ever want to give up his title, then take a year+ off to change his entire body and training style, just to go up and risk everything on a single fight with a guy who should be fighting at light heavyweight??…It doesn’t make any sense, Georges would have to be a stupid person to accept that fight. And he is not a stupid person. So the fight will never happen. That is that.

– Evil


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