Fighter Diary: Daniel Gracie

By Daniel Gracie

This past Saturday, March 5th, marked the start of Season 4 for Bellator. It also marked 21 days until my fight in the Bellator Light Heavyweight Tournament. I sat on the sofa to watch the fights on MTV2. While I watched, I felt my heart began to race and my level of anticipation rise. There was now a visual to attach to my training. The circular Bellator cage. The announcers likenesses and voices. I will be there in three weeks. I will be part of history, the premier Light Heavyweight Tournament.

Three fights in three months. This will be a true test of fitness, dedication and preparation. I have spent the last two months visualizing the belt around my waist. My arms raised in victory. My team by my side, victorious in the Bellator cage. Now, back to the sofa. As I tuned in to watch, I was impressed by the production and the event. But moreover, the fights were well matched and each was a bit of a surprise to me.

To see so many fighters do a stand up game was not expected. Each of those fights went to a decision. One of the four went to the ground and ended in what could be considered controversy. I will leave this to the judges (to be discussed later… stay tuned). The four men who have moved on in the tournament are each one step closer to their goal. And I took that step with them. I felt each punch thrown as though I had thrown it. It was as if I was there.


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