Holly Holm TKO’s Opponent in MMA Debut

By Phil Butler

In martial arts news, World Champion boxer Holly Holm just had her first career mixed martial arts (MMA) victory over Christina “Machine Gun” Domke. The match, held at the Route 66 Casino last night, only lasted half way through the second round before the referee ended the bout.

Best known for her boxing ability, it was Holm’s kicking ability that put Domke out via TKO. Holm, as the reader may already know, is considered by many to be the finest welterweight women’s boxer ever. Evidently her transition to MMA is off to the same kind of start she is noted for in the boxing world. A solid kick to Domke’s head, followed by a kick to her opponent’s leg, caused the referee to end the fight.

Holm, speaking with reporters before the bout last week, addressed the issue of whether or not she is out of boxing or not. The champ insists she is just adding MMA to her repotoir, and not quitting anything. “I’m just doing more,” Holm said. When asked about her plans after the bout, she just told reporters she wanted to take it one bout at a time.

Holm “Hotty” Holm is coached by Mike Winkeljohn, calls her “a natural.” The instinct to fight back naturally, this is what Winkeljohn is talking about. That means the preacher’s daughter is in good hands as she makes the transition from boxing to MMA. And boy does the 5 foot 8 southpaw have it. Most experts in boxing consider Holm, pound for pound, to be the best fighter in the United States. As for her next MMA bout? We will have to wait and see.

The video coverage below from Route 66 Casino before the bout shows Holly and MMA veteran Keith Jardine talk to ABQJournal.



Mixed Martial Arts Online Betting Surges in Popularity

By Online-Casinos.com

The popularity of Boxing has been eclipsed by the public’s fascination with Ultimate Fighting which has been driven in part by the expanding use of the internet as a form of entertainment and communications. The Ultimate Fighting phenomenon is proving to be a great boon for online sports books as punters watch and bet on the outcome of the matches.

Now the public is able to watch the fight form anywhere in the world via the internet where all that you need to make a wager is at your fingertips in an instant. The Mixed martial arts events are creating an enormous new wagering venue for online gambling operators.

The next big mixed martial arts event is being held in Australia at the Acer Arena in Sydney and with the internet, fans can watch the event streamed live on their computers or television. Mixed Martial Arts isn’t just about the fighting, technique, and training. It’s about the gambling, and pop culture relevance that’s what attracting the media attention and the huge fan base that’s growing fast.

It is a common belief that because Mixed Martial Arts is so new to the betting world, there are great values to be had at nearly every major event. The betting is a bit different from those bets on football or basketball where there are point spreads. Mixed Martial Arts competitions have odds that the bookies call moneylines. A moneyline is basically a way for the sports books to even out the betting public. The moneylines on MMA contests will often change with the amount of money coming in on each side. If a lot of money is coming in on one side, the sports book will adjust the moneyline to even out the action and get bettors betting on the other fighter, whatever the odds are when you place your bet, are the odds you obtain.



James Toney: “If anything, the UFC is going to need me”

By Fighters Only

Despite his one foray into MMA being a very quick – and pretty embarrassing – submission loss to Randy Couture, former boxing champion James Toney is convinced that the UFC will come asking for his services again.

And if they do, he wants to fight either Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson or rematch Couture.

“Just because I lost the fight with Couture doesn’t mean I’m done with MMA. I’m still going to go back in there. I have just been handling big business right now. I’m looking forward to getting back in there, hopefully against Rampage Jackson,” he said to BJPenn.com

“I want to fight Randy Couture again too. I tried to get Randy to come over and fight me in boxing but I know he aint crazy. Anybody in the MMA game if they are foolish enough to stand toe to toe to me you might as well put a 9mm to your head and pull the trigger.

“[Rampage] started running his mouth though and he got a lot to say but I know Dana won’t let him fight me because they know I’ll knock his ass out.”

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Jorge Masvidal: This is My Time

Press Release via prommanow.com

Jorge Masvidal realizes that he is no longer a prospect. Since debuting in mixed martial arts in 2003 as a raw 19-year-old, “GameBred” has developed into one of the most underrated stars in the lightweight division.

Masvidal made a name for himself fighting on the streets in Miami, taking on Kimbo Slice protégé “Ray” in a YouTube video that has garnered nearly three-quarters of a million views.

The name “GameBred” comes from his love of pitbulls, which are loyal and fierce. Masvidal feels his calling in life is to be a pitbull inside the ring, respecting the game but making sure that his opponents don’t want to face him again.

The Cuban American grew up on the mean streets of Miami, and fighting was a way of life. But Masvidal has done something that many of the other kids fighting on the streets would have never dreamed: he parlayed it into a career as a professional prize fighter, becoming a world-traveled and acclaimed fighter at just 26 years of age.

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Dana White on boxing prices: ‘That model doesn’t work’

By Sergio Non

Do large revenues trump large audiences?

The size of a crowd at an event isn’t as important as the size of the live gate, boxing promoter Bob Arum said this week, during a roundtable with USA TODAY journalists. The head of the Ultimate Fighting Championship begs to differ. Pricing tickets expensively might generate short-term profits, but it detracts from a sport’s ability to build a loyal fanbase, UFC President Dana White believes. He spoke to USA TODAY about it on Wednesday:

Q: You’ve had a string of sellouts lately. How has your average ticket price held up?
Very well…I don’t want to do crazy, overpriced tickets like boxing does. Somebody asked me, “How come you guys don’t do gates like boxing does? $20 million, $30 million gates?” Because boxing’s a completely different model. That model doesn’t work. Real people buy tickets to the UFC events. These guys (in boxing) did all these events in Las Vegas, and the tickets were insanely priced where fans couldn’t even buy them, and the casinos bought them all up. We don’t do that. We sold 55,000 tickets in Toronto to UFC fans.

Q: If you can get a big live gate, why not go for it?
I consider what we’re doing right now a big, live gate, especially in this economy.

Q: Ok, but if you can do a bigger live gate, why not do it?
I just don’t think that’s good for long term. I just don’t think you do that. I don’t think you charge that much money for tickets. We already have one of the highest ticket prices in sports, if you look at our average ticket price, and we kill it. I mean, how greedy are you going to get? (chuckles)


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Manny Pacquiao Flexes Muscle in Washington D.C.

By Kid Nate

Manny Pacquiao and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Photo by Luke Thomas.

A year ago Floyd Mayweather, Jr. was easily the biggest star from the world of combat sports. That is no longer the case. No, Georges St. Pierre hasn’t taken pole position. These days Manny Pacquiao is without doubt the most famous fighter in the world.

SB Nation‘s Luke Thomas talks about Pacquiao’s visit yesterday to the nation’s capitol:

He’s the only boxer alive who could pull this off and in no small part because of status as a Congressman from the Philippines, but boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao will meet with President Barack Obama tomorrow in Washington, DC. Think about that for a moment and try to envision anyone in MMA – Dana White or any fighter – who would be granted such a distinction. Don’t bother. There’s isn’t one.

Luke also talked to boxing promoter Bob Arum who claimed that Pacquaio’s appearance at a Harry Reid campaign rally in Nevada last year was a key to Reid’s re-election:Arum had this to say:

“I think he certainly helped. You can believe or disbelieve polls, but on the Friday before election day Harry was four points behind. On election day the Senator won by five points. Now, a lot of that was the enthusiasm that Manny created. No question about it.”

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UFC fans confined to white males, boxing’s Arum says

By Sergio Non, USA Today

MCLEAN, Va. — Boxing promoter Bob Arum still sees mixed martial arts as the province of young caucasian guys.

“It’s the same audience over and over,” Arum said Tuesday. “It’s white males, and they have never been able to expand their demographic.”

Arum and boxer Manny Pacquiao on Tuesday visited the Washington D.C. area, the final leg of a four-city trip to promote Pacquiao’s upcoming fight with Shane Mosley. The trip included a stop at USA TODAY’s headquarters in northern Virginia for a roundtable and interviews with journalists.

The roundtable included Arum and Pacquiao, along with USA TODAY’s Sergio Non and Scott Zucker. Most of the discussion focused on boxing, but it briefly turned to mixed martial arts:

Sergio Non: UFC just sold 50,000 tickets in Toronto, while boxing’s been having some trouble selling tickets lately — only 6,000 sold in Detroit for the Devon Alexander fight. What can boxing take marketing-wise from an up-and-coming combat sport like MMA?

Arum: Understand, nothing sells like a major boxing match. I can sell for a Manny Pacquiao fight, 100,000 seats easily, if I price them right.

We put this fight in Las Vegas, but the gate in Las Vegas will be one-and-a-half times more than it was in Texas, when he fought Clottey and we had 50,000 people. So the number of people that come to the match is not necessarily indicative of anything.

Comparing the event in Detroit, where (Timothy) Bradley fought Alexander, is really indicative of the fact that the event didn’t belong in Detroit. Neither fighter came from Detroit. Neither fighter was that well known. It was put in a building that has long functioned as a normal sporting arena.

In boxing, typically, fights not on the magnitude of big title fights with Pacquiao or Mayweather, generally draw 4,000 to 5,000 people. This goes back to the ’70s and ’80s.


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