Jorge Santiago says Brian Stann is the perfect opponent for him, declares he can beat Anderson Silva

Speaking via, Santiago said:

“I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity. Come back to the United States, fight in the UFC, Brian Stann, an American hero, main card, May 28th. I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity, you know?”

“As soon as I heard he was the guy I was supposed to fight, Brian Stann, he’s [making] a lot of noise, I was like, `man, perfect, right away, yes.’ Like I said, I want to come back to the United States and face the best guys, and right now, he’s an [up-and-coming] fighter, and I think it’s the best time for me to prove myself to all the American fans, you know?”

“There’s a lot of people doubting me because I’m not here, I’m not fighting the guys everybody sees on every month on TV, because the Japanese fighters don’t get the same exposure here in the United States. Like I said, I’ve fought a lot of good guys, I’ve [beaten] a lot of good names, I’ve [won] a lot of titles in my life, but I just want to come back and take it one step at a time.

I’m getting back to the UFC; I’ll have this fight, of course, one day, I want to fight for the title, but I just want to prove myself and do everything I did in Japan. I want to [do the same things here in the UFC.] Sky’s the limit, my friend.”

Santiago also spoke about how he feels he stacks up against current UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, explaining no one is unbeatable and that he’s more than capable of getting the job done.

“Of course; nobody is unbeatable man, we know that. With the right game plan, I think one advantage I have to my game is that I know how to mix it up. I’m not just a striker; I do jiu jitsu, wrestling. If somebody wants to come and just bang, it’s not something that I’m going to do. I’m going to chose what I want to do. We saw the fight against Chael Sonnen; everybody has their weaknesses, their bad day. I think I have a big chance.”


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Champ Comes Back: Marloes Coenen Submits Liz Carmouche

By Michael David Smith

Marloes Coenen had a comeback worthy of a champion Saturday night, taking a brutal beating before pulling off a fourth-round submission to defeat Liz Carmouche and retain her Strikeforce 135-pound championship belt.

It was no surprise that Coenen won with a submission off her back — that’s her specialty — but it was a surprise that she took so much punishment before she got there: Carmouche was a huge underdog, but she had thoroughly pounded on Coenen in the second and third rounds of the fight, and appeared to be close to pulling off a major upset.

But Coenen, in a move reminiscent of Anderson SIlva‘s comeback victory over Chael Sonnen, used a triangle choke off her back to force Carmouche to tap in the fourth.

“Liz was whipping my ass,” Coenen said. “She will be a future champ some day.”

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Chael Sonnen’s Suspension Is Complete: What’s Next for the UFC Middleweight?

By Trent Reinsmith

As of Thursday, March 3, Chael Sonnen had completed the six-month suspension that was handed to him by the California State Athletic Commission.

MMAFighting reports that CSAC executive officer George Dodd informed the website that Sonnen had fulfilled the terms of his suspension and would be able to apply to have his license reinstated.

“If Mr. Sonnen wants to be licensed here in California, he will have to appear before the commission to regain his license,” Dodd informed MMAFighting.

“Every other state will have to make a determination on their process for licensing Mr. Sonnen.”

Sonnen was originally handed a one-year suspension from the CSAC due to a positive drug test following his loss to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 127, which took place in August of last year.

Sonnen’s test revealed elevated levels of testosterone, which he and his physician argued were due to hypogonadism, a condition that results in low testosterone levels.


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Lindland says Sonnen “not training enough”

By Fighters Only

Matt Lindland wants his friend and training partner Chael Sonnen to use his hiatus from competition to expand his skillset – but says that the UFC middleweight challenger is in fact not training enough.

“Chael is in the gym, not as frequent as he should be. Three or four times a week is not as frequent as he should be. He should probably be putting in high volume doing doubles everyday right now building his skill sets while he has some time off,” Lindland told Headkick Legend.

“Not having to worry about getting in shape and the best prepared he can be, just adding more skill sets to what he’s already go. He’s a super talented athlete and he’s got all the potential in the world.

“He has to use this opportunity to build his skills and really when you’re going through “garbage” like that, it’s a great outlet for you to get some of that emotion out and just hit someone in the head and not having to think about all the crap that’s going on.”


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Jonathan Shores – The Interview

By Brittany Decker

Jonathan Shores is making a big name for himself in the world of Pancrase, effortlessly climbing the rankings through Pancrase’s Neo Blood Tournaments. His rapid stand-up and dynamic grappling have earned him a well-deserved spot fighting in Pancrase’s 145lb division. Don’t let Jonathan’s quiet and humble demeanor fool you, his sheer explosiveness in the ring is utter dynamite and screams of promise. We see big things on the horizon for this powerhouse.

Jonathan was kind enough to take some time out of his day to meet up with me and discuss the following questions.

1. Firstly, congratulations for earning the decision win for your fight at Pancrase’s Impressive Tour 1. How are you feeling after the win?
I feel good, although I wish I could have finished the fight. I felt tired too early because of the weight cut.

2. How close to finishing were you to finishing Saito in the fight? Has there been any talk of a rematch?
I was pretty close. I had the first round on points and in the second round I dominated with ground ‘n pound and was very close to a submission. There hasn’t been any talk of a rematch and it wouldn’t benefit me anyway.


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B.J. Penn Analyses the UFC 129 welterweight title fight between Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields.

By Jeff Cain

Penn has gone into battle with Georges St. Pierre twice. He’s held the UFC lightweight and welterweight titles. He also says not to look past Jake Shields against St. Pierre on April 30.

“I think if there’s anybody out there that’s going give GSP a good fight, I think Jake Shields might be the man, “ Penn told the media on Tuesday.

“When you look at him and you don’t think much. When you see him fight and you don’t think much, but he goes out there and wins., added the Hawaiian fighter.

“He beat Dan Henderson. I know it’s a different style and styles make fights, but I think Dan Henderson would do really well with GSP if they were in the ring together,” added Penn. “I honestly think it’s a toss-up.”

Penn knows both fighters well.

“You’ve got GSP with the wrestling and the stand up and Shields with the great wrestling and jiu-jitsu, so it’s going to be a good fight,” said the former UFC champion.

“I think I’ve heard Shields is taking this fight serious. He’s bringing down Chael Sonnen and some other people, so it looks like he’s coming to win this thing . We’ll see what happens. A fight is a fight.”

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Henderson, Lindland fall out, lawsuit over rights to Team Quest

By Fighters Only

Elsewhere in today’s news items we look at Fedor’s weekend loss as being the end of an era and while that earned world attention on Saturday night, down in Oregon another era was ending at the same time, though with less attention.

Sources say the Dan Henderson and Matt Lindland are set to do battle in a courtroom over the rights to the name Team Quest, which for years has been the banner under which they fought. Team Quest is also home to Chael Sonnen and was once the home of Randy Couture as well.

Why Henderson and Lindland have fallen out is unclear but presumably money is at the root of it. Henderson was the original owner of Team Quest but Lindland invested in the company and owns a percentage of it.

Lindland owns the Team Quest facility in Oregon where he and Chael Sonnen train, while Henderson owns the ‘HQ’ located in Temecula, California. There are two other satellite branches of Team Quest in the US, one of which is owned by Thierry Sokoudjou.

The fall-out is another blow for the team, which has had its share of troubles recently.

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