GSP, Loiseau open up lives in Striking Truth

By The Canadian Press

TORONTO — Georges St-Pierre and David (The Crow) Loiseau opened up their lives for parts of four years for the documentary “The Striking Truth.”

Director Steven J. Wong says that alone shows the two mixed martial arts fighters really are champions.

“I’m very proud of these guys,” said Wong, whose film had its Canadian premiere Friday night. “It’s very easy to say ‘Sure, Steve, film wherever you want. You’ve got full access.’ When time comes and you’re holding the championship belt, it’s easy. It’s easy to say ‘Hey, point the camera at me.’

“But in those hard times — and there are some hard times for both Georges and David in this movie — during those hard times the real man steps up and doesn’t shut the camera down.”

The film documents St-Pierre winning, losing and reclaiming the UFC welterweight title. And it shows the struggle of Loiseau, his close friend and fellow Montrealer, in trying to turn his fighting career around.

Both fighters said having a friend like Wong manning the camera made the filming process from 2006 to 2010 seem natural.

“Sometimes I just forgot that he was there,” said St-Pierre, who opens up in the movie about his family and is seen disconsolate in his hotel room after losing his 170-pound title. “Sometimes he was filming some shot that I didn’t even know that he had. When I saw the movie, I was like ‘Wow. I didn’t know he had those shots.”‘


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