MMA overtime round? UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar says bring it on


The first two months of 2011 delivered two high-profile draws – UFC 125’s Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard II and UFC 127’s B.J. Penn vs. Jon Fitch – both of which ushered in a slew of controversy and left their respective divisions in flux.

As a rule, draws generally frustrate fans, almost certainly frustrate fighters and generally cause more confusion than resolution. But can the sport’s governing bodies find some way to improve the current system? At least one UFC champion thinks so.

In this past week’s new edition of HDNet’s “Inside MMA,” MMA legend and show host Bas Rutten addressed a viewer’s email that suggested an overtime round be instituted to resolve draws in high-profile bouts such as title contests and No. 1 contender affairs.

Rutten, a former UFC heavyweight champion and King of Pancrase, thinks the idea is a winner. After all, it’s already used in other combat sports, and the UFC even has a “sudden victory” round in place for its Spike TV-broadcast reality series.

“They do it at K-1 in Japan, and I love that idea,” Rutten said. “Actually, ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ does it, too. You fight to a draw, boom, the last [round], whoever wins that wins.”

Edgar, who survived a first-round beatdown against Maynard to battle make to a split draw at UFC 125, was a guest on the new edition of “Inside MMA” and also supported the idea. The UFC lightweight champion now rematches his nemesis at May’s UFC 130 event, but Edgar said he would have preferred to put the situation behind him in January.

“I think another five-minute round would be perfect,” Edgar said. “You go into a fight, you prepare, and you want a decisive outcome. To have to wait another three months and possibly another fight is kind of annoying. I would say another round would be great. You get to figure out who’s the winner right then and there.


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Fighter Diary: Daniel Gracie

By Daniel Gracie

This past Saturday, March 5th, marked the start of Season 4 for Bellator. It also marked 21 days until my fight in the Bellator Light Heavyweight Tournament. I sat on the sofa to watch the fights on MTV2. While I watched, I felt my heart began to race and my level of anticipation rise. There was now a visual to attach to my training. The circular Bellator cage. The announcers likenesses and voices. I will be there in three weeks. I will be part of history, the premier Light Heavyweight Tournament.

Three fights in three months. This will be a true test of fitness, dedication and preparation. I have spent the last two months visualizing the belt around my waist. My arms raised in victory. My team by my side, victorious in the Bellator cage. Now, back to the sofa. As I tuned in to watch, I was impressed by the production and the event. But moreover, the fights were well matched and each was a bit of a surprise to me.

To see so many fighters do a stand up game was not expected. Each of those fights went to a decision. One of the four went to the ground and ended in what could be considered controversy. I will leave this to the judges (to be discussed later… stay tuned). The four men who have moved on in the tournament are each one step closer to their goal. And I took that step with them. I felt each punch thrown as though I had thrown it. It was as if I was there.


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Tim Kennedy’s Doomsday Scenario

By Steven Kelliher

Strikeforce middleweight contender Tim Kennedy recently spoke with Tapology’s Steven Kelliher to articulate his thoughts on some negative trends in MMA and his hope for the future.

Kennedy last saw action six months ago when he made an unsuccessful bid for the Strikeforce Middleweight Championship belt currently held by RonaldoJacare” Souza. Since coming out on the wrong side of a somewhat controversial Unanimous Decision, Kennedy has expressed frustration over his opponent’s defensive approach to the fight.

“I was actually more disappointed with the way he wasn’t fighting me,” Kennedy said about Souza. “The numbers that we put up in five rounds—I think Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard put those same numbers up in one round.”

While personal experience undoubtedly influences Kennedy’s thoughts on the matter, the aggressive fighter fears that fighting to decisions is a trend that could do real damage to the sport, irrespective of intelligent arguments made by more conservative fighters.


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Vitor Belfort hints at May match-up with Michael Bisping

By Brendhan Conlan

The unsportsmanlike actions of Michael Bisping at UFC 127 during/after his bout with Jorge Rivera resonated strongly with a number of people both in attendance and watching at home. It appears one of those individuals happened to be a former promotional champ known for his knockout power among other things.

Vitor Belfort took to his Twitter account Sunday night and expressed his interest in acting as Bisping’s next opponent saying he was on his way to Las Vegas and looking forward to facing “The Count” in May.

“I’d really like to fight Bisping,” the Brazilian striker wrote on his page of the potential showdown.

While no specific event was mentioned and nothing has been made official the only May 2011 PPV is UFC 130 over Memorial Day weekend. However, the main card already appears to be full including a headlining title-bout between Frank Edgar and Gray Maynard as well as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Matt Hamill and Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson. Perhaps a more likely possibility, UFC 131 is set for June 4 and seemingly has a bit more flexibility with only a few significant pairings in place thus far.


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Gomi Wins! Starting Off 2011 In A Good Way

By N.O.B

Takanori Gomi won the 2011 ADCC Asia Trials in the 77kg division on the 27th in Japan. He faced “Former Super High School Student” Tetsuya Yamada in the second round and won via points. It seems like he racked up the points with his strong wrestling.

Tetsu Hadairo won the tough 66kg division (defeated Kohei Yasumi in final), Korean Doo Kwang Jeon won the 88kg division, Yoshihiro “KISS” Nakao student Animal Anzai won the 99kg division, and the beast Hideki “Shrek” Sekine won the +99kg division.



Pat Barry: “Anthony Pettis is the evolution of fight sports”

By Jake Chastain’s Pedro Carrasco recently spoke with the always charismatic and heavy handed UFC heavyweight, Pat Barry. During their conversation Carrasco asked a few questions about the WEC merger and the ripples that it would undoubtedly wave through the UFC. While on the conversation, Carrasco asked Barry for his opinion on Anthony “Showtime” Pettis and if he thought that Pettis could take out the current UFC Champion. Here is how Barry responded:

“Yes, he can take out both Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar, yes. Either one of them, it doesn’t matter. This is a different caliber, a different breed of fighter. This is not some guy who is good in Jiu Jitsu or really good at wrestling or really good at conditioning. This is evolution of fight sports. Singularly personified into this one guy right here. This is the evolution of fight sports.”

Confident words from a knowledgeable fight veteran. Barry states that Anthony Pettis has a solid chance of become the UFC lightweight champion, which would prove to the world that the WEC has always held some of the best lighter fighters on the planet. If Pettis does indeed steal away the UFC lightweight strap he will surely become a fan favorite and shake up the division.


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Kenny Florian Talks Featherweight Cut, Ending UFC Career At Lightweight

By Luke Thomas

What do you do when a fight you never saw coming actually comes your way? For Kenny Florian, you use the moment to reevaluate your career situation and go chasing the fight even into unknown territory.

After UFC featherweight champion was offered a fight at lightweight against Kenny Florian and turned it down, the wheels in Florian’s head began to turn. “[The decision to drop] really didn’t come to be an idea until Jose Aldo fight was proposed to me. I said ‘That’s great. I get to fight him at ’55’, but he didn’t want to come up to ’55. I started thinking ‘That would be a great fight’. I think he’s a phenomenal fighter, it would be a great opportunity to fight one of the best pound-for-pound guys in the world. Could I make it? So I started asking around and they said that I could do it. That’s why I kinda decided to try it out and see.”

Florian said he obviously had concerns about the drop, but first observed that making lightweight is not a difficult process. “There have been fights where I’ve only cut about three pounds for 155lbs and I did it outside shadowboxing in about 30 minutes,” says Florian. “155lbs, it’s not really that big of a deal for me. I’ve never felt any type of ill effects from making 155lbs. It’s always been pretty easy for me.”

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